Inbound Calls

LeadX have best solution for inbound calls. We work very hard to exceed the expectations of our clients, customers, and each other, and reward those that excel.

Outbound Call Centers

Outbound calls are our one of core value. We take pride in our work and our company in all we do by giving more than expected every day.

Customer Support

Leads Netowks provide 24/7 Customer Support. We listen to our clients, customers, and each other with not only our ears but our eyes and heart.

Pricing Plans

  • Auto Insurance
    (Live Transfers)

    $12 Per Lead

  • Recording Sample
  • Order Now
  • Final Expense
    (Telemarketing Leads)

    $12 Per Lead

  • Recording Sample
  • Order Now
  • Final Expense
    (Live Transfers)

    $25 Per Lead

  • Recording Sample
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Online Customer Support

Client satisfaction is the number one priority at LeadX. We understand that the key toward outstanding customer service is active listening. We believe in delivering exemplary customer service through not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations set by the client. Having partnered with some of the largest corporate giants, LeadX maintains its brand of top-notch customer service in a highly competitive market.

24/7 Round the Clock

We believe in building rapport with our customers so that they look forward to our calls. Customer service is about paying close attention to customer’s concerns, building trust, taking time with the customer and addressing the issues. Contact LeadX or call us at 123456789 today. Our customer service representatives will see that your clients have their questions answered and their needs met.

Outbounding Calling

LeadX has pioneered in evolving security, dish, cable and warranty telesales to new heights by taking on the critical task of closing. Through our experienced sales staff, telemarketing in these sectors has become a comprehensive package, where we can connect with a customer from the initial contact until the final decision in one phone call.Our sales method is easier for the customer, as there are not too many intermediate steps, and much easier for our clients.

About Us

Top Quality Call Center Services

We provide Call Center solutions inbound and outbound services. We set the industry standard for BPO services by successfully delivering tailored call center solutions.

We strongly believe in holding your hand through the migration of your functions step by step offering guidance, expertise and support accurately and efficiently. LeadX is unique in its approach because it understands the culture and ethics of its offshore centre

Affordable Call Center Services

LeadX is aiming to be the best in the BPO and I.T industry by giving the best service and work force to our clients. Exceeding our client’s expectations is our #1 priority. We are determined to build fruitful partnerships by delivering nothing but quality. We believe that integrity and ethical business practices are key to building trust and long term relationships. We are committed to bring a positive and quality centric contribution to our client’s business goals through excellence.

Our talented and experienced team delivers reliable yet affordable services for small, medium, and big businesses all over the world. We are constantly creating a better atmosphere of customer service and satisfaction, while making your business better every day.

Offering Reliable Support

LeadX is a Successful Company and will continue to rise in BPO and I.T Solution industry. READY TO BE YOUR BRIDGE TO SUCCESS! We want To be a market leader in providing outstanding quality customer service for all our new and existing clients. Our Long term goal is staying with the companies who believed in us.

We aim to deliver first-class customer support to your customers, while working for your success using inbound and outbound call center techniques. We are always open for cooperation and new ideas. Our team will design any call center solution for you.

Some Awesomeness that should share

We have plenty of categories using which you can place order with us
Also you will get detailed information of customer while receiving lead from us.
Find below how:

Placing an Order

Placing an order is much more easy with us, you can choose all below fields to place exactly what you are looking for:

  • - State
  • - County + Backup County
  • - Multiple Zipcodes
  • - Age Group
  • - Target Specific Area
  • - Email Alerts
  • - CRM System for Agents

Lead Information

Lead information from us will be detailed and verified process going through Quality Assurance Department
How you will get lead details are:

  • - Exclusive Leads
  • - Recording Attached
  • - FirstName, LastName
  • - Call Back Time
  • - Call Back Number
  • - Age Group
  • - State/County/Area and Zipcodes
  • - Email Alerts on Lead updation
  • - CRM System Integration with Leads

Great Support

Customer Support is one of the key value in smart era of social network.
Agent can contact us any time using:

  • - Direct Call @ 123456789
  • - Email:
  • - Service Now Integration (For SLA Clients)
  • - 24/7 Support

Final Expense Insurance

Auto Insurance

Health Insurance

Home Insurance

Medicare Leads

Life Insurance


LeadX has been able to help business attract more qualified leads by connecting interested consumers with companies that can help them. Most of these connections (leads) are generated in partnership with highly qualified, professional call centers throughout the world. LeadX network success in leads generation and sales has generated very big revenue during the past years. We as a company pride our self on the strong commitment to customer service and full accountability to quality control that is practiced at LeadX Network.


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